OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder manifests differently
Types of OCD

Types of OCD

Types of OCD

In our world, every one wants a name for their health condition. A disease diagnosis is a name that is given to a group of conditions and symptoms.

Often the cause is the same.  For instance, lets look at yeast.  Usually people think of women having vaginal yeast infections.  However, if yeast is in the throat, it is called thrush.  If yeast is in the toes or feet, it is nail fungus or athlete's foot.  In the blood stream, non EPV chronic fatigue.

If you get the body 100% excess yeast free, all of these health conditions would no longer exist.

This is also true for a thin myelin.  A thin myelin causes OCD, but it can also cause other conditions.  Some people think they have to wash their hands and be afraid of germs to have OCD.  This is not the case at all.  Let's examine the different types of OCD.

OCD is like a category... for instance flowers.... there are subtypes, like roses, daisies, lillies, etc.  They are all  flowers, 
however.  I think of OCD as the main category with several subtypes as listed below.

I believe building the myelin is paramount when trying to overcome any of these conditions.


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